All About Psychic Readings

We have seen them on talk shows and as the basis for popular television programs. Psychics have been around for hundreds of years and while they remain controversial remain popular.

A psychic reading uses heightened perspective abilities through the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct. Psychic readings are considered a pseudoscience- a belief or practice that is presented as scientific but does not follow valid scientific method, lacks supporting evidence, cannot be tested reliably, or lacks scientific status.

When you think of a psychic reading, you may instantly think of a deck of cards or a crystal ball. There are many types of psychic readings and depending on what you are seeking from your reading will determine the type of reading you should receive. Types include astrology, aura readings, cartomancy, cleromancy, distant readings, litomancy and crystallomancy, numerology, palm readings, psychometry, rune readings, and tarot readings.

Many things may motivate one to seek a psychic reading. A crisis may arise and one feels the need to be reassured. Or a person may just be curious. Whatever the reason a psychic reading is a great way to gain perspective and learn about one self. It may allow one to discover opportunities that may not have been clear before and open a person up to a new way of thinking. If you are seeking a psychic during a time of crisis, you may (but are not guaranteed) to leave with the hope of better days coming your way. A visit to a psychic may be just the spark needed to motivate and empower.

As with everything, there are negatives that come with psychic readings. No psychic has any right to claim 100 percent accuracy. Accept that some information may be misinterpreted, so do not take every work literally. While doing your reading, your psychic may pick up on family or friends and read them as you. Their timing may be off. And while many psychics out there truly want to help others and are honest people, there are those who are out there simply for the money. Do your research to make sure your psychic is reliable and reputable.  Before choosing a psychic, make sure to check out to find the best psychics.

Now that you’ve decided you want a psychic reading and know what type you would like, it’s time to find your psychic. Word of mouth is the best method. Talk to friends or family who have used a psychic and discover what they liked and disliked and how their session was conducted. This will help find the right fit for you. A new age shop can also be helpful as many may rent space for psychics.


Seeking psychic advice can be one of the richest experience in your life. But some people may be unsatisfied with the outcome in one way or another. Perhaps they may have approached it incorrectly or, especially for first-timers, they don’t know what to do beforehand. The result of a reading depends not only with the reader, but also with the client as well. Here are a few starter tips you can do before and during your psychic consultation to achieve that life-changing and beneficial experience from your reading.

  1. Book an appointment with a good reader – finding a genuine psychic should be your first step to a good reading. Ask for referrals or do a background check to avoid falling for fraud psychics. It’s also better if you book earlier so you can prepare ahead of time. You may also ask during your booking how long a reading will last and how much will it cost.
  2. Prepare and organize your questions – before you go for a reading, you may want to grab a paper and list down all the questions you want ask. Do prioritize your questions to get as much out of the reading duration. Start with the most important areas in your life. It may be about relationships, financial or health concerns. You may not have much time to ask all your questions but at least the most important ones are not left out. Avoid close-ended questions – questions with yes or no answers. Try to be more specific or open-ended.
  3. Keep calm, cool and collected – you may feel a little nervous especially if it’s your first time to consult a psychic. It’s very essential to relax and pull yourself together before and during the consultation. Psychics based their readings on the client’s energies and if you have confused or anxious thoughts, you won’t get a precise reading. If you really feel tense, then look for a quiet safe place and do some slow breathing exercises for a few minutes. You may also listen to very relaxing music to help calm your mind. 
  4. Keep your mind open – coming to a session with an open mind can help your psychic obtain an accurate reading and tune in with your energies easily. Having an open mind means your thoughts should be free from doubts and dishonesty during the reading. Psychics cannot see the future through a clouded soul. Trusting your reader is very important because no matter how good they are, a doubtful mind will only result to a doubtful reading. More importantly, you should be willing to accept whatever information is given to you. Do not try to avoid unwanted news as it won’t do you any good. Your psychic advisor won’t be able to help you how to deal with your obstacles and you’d just be stuck with your unresolved issues. 
  5. Be a good listener – it would be rude to keep interrupting your reader, especially if you don’t like what he/she is telling you. It disrupts the connection they have with you and you may miss some important information. So even if you’re hearing is bad news, let the reader go on and keep your mind open until it’s your time to ask questions. 
  6. Take notes – readings may last from 20 to 60 minutes and you might not be able to remember all the information and advice given to you. It might be a good idea to jot down the important details during the session, especially if there are cautions or instructions about your future. 

These are just basic steps you can do when it comes to asking for psychic advice. Do this and you will have more satisfying results. Just relax, open your mind and be ready to accept.

Numerology and Life Paths

There are many methods with which people can use a psychic reading.  One of the easiest ways to do a psychic reading is through numerology.  Basically, it probes into the numbers and the potentials that the number hides in a person’s birthdate or name. Numerology readings can be applied also in relationships, businesses and other endeavors. While it may look associated only in the occult right now, it has been a discipline developed as early as the Egyptians and Hebrews. Pythagoras of Greece is a mathematician that has studied on some aspects of numerology.

Since it is numerology, we have to deal basically about numbers. The core numbers include numbers from 1 to 9, and 11 and 22 which is called the “master” numbers. However, they can also be reverted back to their single numbers (2 and 4). To find out the core number in a birthdate, you just have to add all the numbers on a birthdate including the whole four digits of the year. For instance, if your birthday is October 23, 1989, you add 10, 23 and 1989 separately in single digits. In other words, 1+0+2+3+1+9+8+9 is equal to 33, another master number which we can revert to 6, adding the two digits. Therefore, your birthday’s life path number is 6.

A life path is what your number tells about what have been given to you. It’s what you are potentially capable of. Here are the interpretations of each life path once you have computed yours.

  • For those who have computed 1 in their birthdays, most likely they are the leader type. They are magnetic leaders, highly creative innovators, enthusiastic wherever they start or go. However, they have a tendency to be self centered and aggressive when it comes to their actions.
  • People who have life path 2 are very compromising and meditative. They do not take sides. They weigh options and arguments and see both their merits and deficiencies. However, they have the tendency to be indecisive and uneasy.
  • Persons who are on life path 3 are very friendly. They are skillful communicators, and are great social mixers. They are also caring towards their friends. Although, they can be moody and very critical to the point of hurting.
  • If you’re on life path 4, you are a builder and a follower. You’re very grounded and great at organizing and planning. You tax from yourself too much, and can get down when you can’t fulfill your plans. A negative tendency is that you can be narrow-minded with things.
  • If you’re on life path 5 cherish their freedom, and are very responsible with it. They don’t want to be held back especially in relationships, and they are progressive thinkers and risk-thinkers. But their freedom may lead to lack of direction.
  • People on life path 6 have that motherly complex. They’re nurturing even in the workplace or in school. They are very productive and are conservative thinkers. Their nice and humble disposition can make them slaves to other people, however.
  • You won’t immediately believe numerology if you’re on life path 7. You’re naturally skeptic as you’re an investigative thinker. You’re detail-oriented, and do not believe in facts until you’ve verified them for yourself.  However, you tend to dissocialize, thus be selfish enough to not be sensitive of others.
  • Do not expect life path 8 people to lie and look pretty. They are very frank and honest people. However, they are leader material and capable of inspiring those that they lead. They have materialistic tendencies, which they should direct into productivity if they don’t want to end up materially motivated and unemotionally attached.
  • Lastly, people on life path 9 are humanitarian. They have very sensitive feelings that sometimes border on the idealistic. They have a great urge to help people less fortunate than them.  A lot is demanded from 9’s that their negative side is when they don’t fulfill what’s expected of a 9.

Read My Horoscope: We Might Have the Same Luck

Reading your horoscope is comparable to looking straight into the mirror where the astrologer has the ability to see your reflection. This reflection most of the time is about your future; although the past could still be determined through it. For me, when I read my horoscope, I compare it to a photograph taken on a definite place and time. To be able to calculate the indicated events the astrologer has given you, you will have to gain knowledge on how these events will affect your life.

Read My Horoscope: We Might Have the Same Luck

Horoscope reading is based on the fact that every person’s moment in life is governed by the planets and the movements they make. These movements play a big role in identifying the actions and behavior which an individual must follow at a specific moment. In horoscope reading, there are three parameters used which are house, sign, and planets.

As of today, there are 12 signs or rashis which can be found in the horoscope’s 12 houses. Typically, one rashi occupies one house. The houses are diverse in terms of size and they can accommodate just any sign. This particular system could be understood better through picturing out a circle on top of another circle; both having the same dimensions. Within any point in time, if you will try to align a point in these circles’ circumference, then the rest point will most likely fall in their respective places. In another point of view, horoscope is important in determining the first house’s position to be able for all other signs to align automatically.

Read My Horoscope: We Might Have the Same Luck

To be able to understand the act of reading horoscope and its effect on the lives of people, it is necessary to comprehend the relationship of the person’s life and the planets. Reading horoscope is a kind of art which could be learned only through time and experience, when the astrologer gains familiarity with all of the planets’ movement.

3 Steps To Add iGoogle Horoscope Widget

In iGoogle, you could personalize the look of a site and make it your homepage. On the web portal, there are varied sets of information which could be incorporated on the homepage such as the activity of the stock market, weather reports as well as news events. It allows the users to add entertaining items like iGoogle horoscope and iGoogle movie schedules into their personal page though selecting the most appropriate widgets.

With their many available widget options, you will be able to find one that fits your personal and professional life as well. Here is how to do it.

  1. Log in to your iGoogle account. If you’ve registered for an account in Gmail, you could use this email address and its corresponding password to get inside your personal iGoogle page. Its default layout will display in the browser because this is still your first time to get inside the page.
  2. Go to the wide selection of widgets. Through clicking the tab that says “add stuff” on the page’s upper right corner, you’ll gain a full list of the available gadgets and widgets. There is also a search box tool where you can type the widget you are looking for. This search box is located in the screen’s left-side.
  3. Choose the iGoogle horoscope, for instance, to add into the page. If you will look for iGoogle horoscope widgets, you will find out that there are a lot of options to choose from.
3 Steps To Add iGoogle Horoscope Widget

Customize your widget to display your own horoscope sign. In your chosen horoscope widget, there are 12 zodiac signs. On the homepage, click the arrow pointing downwards to select the “edit settings” option and click on your personal sign.

Share this widget with your friends especially those who follows their astrology or those who likes reading horoscope. Through clicking the arrow pointing downwards, you will have the access of sending an email to your friends with the link to this widget.

Free Horoscopes 2014 for Aries, Taurus and Gemini

This year’s free horoscope 2014 will give you both your lucky and unlucky days through the movement of the planets. This annual horoscope will also warn you about not so fine days at work and at home. When you think you are at your lowest point right now, then reading your horoscope may help you lift your spirit. With horoscope, you will know your lucky colors, plants, stones, day and even month. Your knowledge about this information will strengthen your confidence that one day, all things will be well. Moreover, your free horoscopes 2014 will give you information about the most perfect time to marry your partner.

To get a glimpse of what 2014 has to offer, here are free horoscope 2014 reading for the first three house signs.

Free Horoscopes 2014 for Aries, Taurus and Gemini

Aries 2014

2014 will be an easier time for you compared with the fortune you had back in 2012’s second half. This year, you will find pleasure in completing daily tasks. Work could be hectic but you will enjoy every detail of it. This is also the perfect year to move out of your house and start living independently. If you are still trying to go after your dream job, 2014 will be a year of success and achieving dreams. Avoid over-analyzing people and your relationships with them.

Taurus 2014

In the year 2014, your most prominent fortune will be developing strong intimate relationships. When you learn to share intimate and professional details about your life, you will be able to experience joy. This year, money matters will make a significant impact in your life. You will have a stronger drive to work hard to attain financial security. Also, reorganizing your domestic life, including your home will most likely happen.

Gemini 2014

Free Horoscopes 2014 for Aries, Taurus and Gemini

Social contract, learning, emotions and communication will go through a major transformation. In the year 2014, you will become more cautious with possessions, property and finances. You will have the opportunity of increasing your monetary supply if you will join the communication industry. Also, your capability of communicating with others will be enhanced.

The free horoscope for the year 2014 is just a little overview of how the planets’ movements will affect a person’s personal, professional and romantic life. The predictions through horoscope are based on huge cosmic shifts and planetary influences as well as the general movement of earth with respect to all other universal structures in the coming year.

Know Your Present Luck through Daily Record Horoscopes

Are you interested in knowing what your future would be? Are you interested in knowing if today is the best time for you to apply for a job, accept a job offer, enter a joint venture or start your own business? Then, the answer to your question is here. If you will read your daily record horoscopes, you will be able to gain the information that you want to know in advance.

Know Your Present Luck through Daily Record Horoscopes

There are researches that show that in the present generation, there is an increasing population of people who are keeping track of their daily record horoscopes through magazines, newspapers and even through the Internet. In reality, there remains only a small population who are not interested in gaining a little picture of what the future has for them. There are varied techniques and methods that could be used to predict a person’s horoscope from tarot cards to the signs of the moon and the sun. Because people have found passion in them, horoscope readings are just everywhere even in pocket-size cards.

However, the most common medium which many people make use of is the Internet. In there, almost anything is possible including the information about a person’s past, present and future. With the use of the Internet, your horoscope will just be a few clicks away. The Mayan calendars, Chinese calendars, and Indian horoscope are some of the most viewed references when it comes to knowing the future. These calendars and horoscopes’ principles where employed by some of the websites to offer fortune-telling services. Most of these websites allow browsers to freely get their daily record horoscopes; however, there are also those that require you to register first.

There really is no doubt that horoscopes are popular, not just today but since the past centuries. If you are one of those who are fond of reading what will happen today, horoscopes are not a bad resource. However, just bear in mind that these are just probabilities, sometimes these are not accurate.

What the Yearly Horoscope 2013 Has for Everyone

With the passing away of 2012 is the welcome of a brand new year- 2013. We have enjoyed the New Year while reminiscing how the year went by and looking forward to another year of making dreams come true. This year is promising as well as a year of good fortune and loud cheers for everyone. While anticipation builds up, we will look into the movements of celestial stars in order to understand the things that are waiting for us ahead.

Astrology is the ancient practice of helping people read the meaning of the celestial movements. This has the varied factors that are needed to hone us as improved human beings. There are several things that govern and influence our lives including the positions of the 9 planets and the constellations. These are the deciding factors of Astrology.

What the Yearly Horoscope 2013 Has for Everyone

Financial security, betterment in life, promotion in employment and most of all happiness and emotional stability are just some of the things that people want to know for this year. This post will try to see what the stars have for each of the signs in this yearly horoscope 2013.

  • Aries: These people have 2 planets which are Jupiter and Uranus. It will guide them towards achieving their dreams in life.
  • Taurus: These people will be enthused and empowered with vigor in order to take life seriously and become successful eventually.
  • Gemini: These people will be ruled by the Sun and Mercury. Both of these fiery celestial bodies will shower them positivity.
  • Cancer: These people can relax and take a step back this year. It will be the year of reaping the fruits that the past years have planted.
  • Leo: These people will make connections with people who are influential in terms of steering their lives towards the positive direction.
  • Virgo: These people will be on top of their chosen profession.
  • Libra: These people will achieve a clearer vision of the priorities they have set for themselves. They will be successful in life.
  • Scorpio: These people will have a prosperous career.
  • Sagittarius: Jupiter and Pluto will take all their worries away to be able to clear all of life’s obstacles.
  • Capricorn: These people will enrich and diversify themselves in the year 2013.
  • Aquarius: These people will be busy with their professional life.
  • Pisces: Their planets will improve their professional lives.

Allow life in the year 2013 to infuse and unfold us with success, positive energy and vitality. This will be a year of excitement and achievements.